The quality of the Wi-Fi connection in your workplace and homes can make or break your day. Especially since the pandemic, the boundaries between a workplace and home have become even more fluid. Regular video conferencing and online classes require steady and rapid Internet speeds. The wide range of technologies being used by various companies to efficiently transition to the Work From Home set-up demands a dependable hands-on wireless network. This network shouldn’t take too much of your precious mind and effort in these trying times. Hash 1 IP is there for all your needs! As a premier source of Wi-Fi networking solutions in Uttar Pradesh, we can convert your workplace, wherever it might be, into one technologically sophisticated wireless system.

The different aspects of Wi-Fi networks can be relatively complicated and taxing, especially when the company network needs to be extensive and accessible through the entire building/campus. We help you navigate the travesties of installing a dependable, secure, and consistent wireless network with the commitment of a hawk. Our work is air-tight, beginning with systematic wireless surveys and empathetic analysis of your budget to give you an effective and affordable wireless system for your company. Experience the magic of our brilliant wireless networking services in Uttar Pradesh.

As part of our comprehensive suite for Indoor and Outdoor Wi-Fi Solutions, we conduct site surveys for both kinds of locations. Our experts provide skilled Wireless LAN deployment with a controller and without a controller environment. This set-up is customized and improved by astute use of campus switching technology. Routing of running voice, video, and Data are also covered. This gives you a robust exhaustive design of a converged Wi-Fi network for Voice, Data, and Video. A holistic solution for your needs of wireless LAN solutions Uttar Pradesh.   

The next concern for a Wi-Fi network is understandably security. For this, we provide your network with an intact and tight authentication and security mechanism. This enables its seamless integration with a wired network. Compatibility between the hardware components and the wireless network is ensured and established without hindrance so that your computer network and systems comprise one unified, accessible, useful whole.