Investment in up-to-date state-of-the-art technology infrastructure is futile unless there is a comprehensive physical security system in place to protect and complement it. According to a Hindustan Times report, theft is the most common crime in the Delhi NCR region, with the value of goods lost in burglary cases, also going up in the last decade. Cybercrimes are another area of concern that makes investment in security systems essential for your network and workplace, if not compulsory. At Hash 1 IP LLP, we understand your concerns and fears regarding your workplace’s physical security. Our understanding makes us one of the best sources of physical security solutions in Uttar Pradesh.

Essentially, an excellent physical security solution is a combination of defensive principles designed to do the following – Deter scrupulous network intentions, Detect undesired behavior, Delay access to intrusive elements and Respond conclusively (ultimately denying access). 

We provide scalable systems for maximum efficiency and functionality. Our world-class expertise in CCTVs and video surveillance uses video cameras to transmit a signal to your computer monitors. Access controls, in accompaniment with web-based software and broadcast-quality hardware, makes the system even more air-tight. As a premier source for physical security solutions Ghaziabad, we have expertise in integrating the physical security system with existing analog and changing into IP network-centric systems to facilitate faster incident response and resolution.

We cater to multiple physical security layers, such as environmental design, including mechanical, electronic, and procedural access control. Provisions for intrusion detection and setting-up appropriate response procedures for the same is our specialty. We also provide mechanisms for personnel identification for authentication, record-keeping, and visitor management. In addition to this, we also work for command and control solutions. Our expertise and wide range of services undoubtedly make us a one-stop place for all your needs of physical security solutions in Delhi NCR. 

Our physical security solutions are a culmination of advanced technology and commitment to protecting critical infrastructure, personnel, and critical assets. They optimize the workforce, minimize costs, increase safety, and enhance situational awareness. Adding to this is our ability to provide customized solutions for your company’s specific needs or organization.