We are a reputed pioneer for structured cabling installation in Uttar Pradesh.

Structured cabling systems are a type of network cabling solution for organizing the infrastructural needs of your company. The beauty of a great structured cabling system is that it allows you to future-proof your business or establishment by accommodating any new hardware or tools you add while supporting the increasing amount. This increasing amount of data businesses use every day. It makes things much easier to manage as your business grows!

A commendable structured cabling solution offers scalable end-to-end surveillance system solutions that integrate with your existing IP network. Our solutions are well-versed in helping you protect your company’s critical assets, scrutinize, detect and deter intellectual property breaches, prevent crime, reduce vandalism, and most importantly, prevent physical network access.

We carry our cabling responsibilities in an orderly fashion after thoroughly understanding the requirements and living up to the time limitations. As an expert in structured cabling solutions in Uttar Pradesh, our primary services consist of the following;

Demarcation Point: At demarcation points, the telephone company network ends and connects with the wiring at the customer’s premises.

Equipment or Telecommunications Rooms: These are house equipment and wiring consolidation points meant to cater to the users inside workplace building or education institute campus or establishment. 

Vertical or Riser Cabling: These connect equipment/telecommunications rooms to each other. They are so named because of the parallel circuit of the rooms that are on typically different floors.

Horizontal wiring: The Horizontal wiring might be IW (inside wiring) or Plenum Cabling, and we provide support and assistance with both, along with minimal installation charges. They connect telecommunication rooms to individual outlets or work units on the same level of a building. Wire ways, conduits, and ceiling spaces of each floor are used for the process.

Work-Area Components: These are important for connecting end-user equipment to horizontal cabling system outlets.

We are committed to maintaining the best of our status as the perfect name for structured cabling solutions in Ghaziabad. When properly designed and installed, a structured cabling system provides a holistic experience to the users. There are predictable performance and flexibility to accommodate changes, editions, and new actions. It maximizes system availability. It also provides redundancy, thus future-proofing the usability and sustainability of the cabling system. This is what we dedicatedly offer to your organization. Our professional attributes enable us to tackle all the challenges connected with wireless and wired networking, integrating everything into secured environments. By establishing a practical foundation, we make our clients ergonomically advantaged. That is the main reason why the name of Hash 1 IP is synonymous with quality structured cabling solutions. We are the leading name for structured cabling solutions in Delhi, NCR.