Most computer and gadget systems today come with a warranty from the company. But the role of engaging with us for an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) comes in when you consider what happens after the warranty period expires. Your computer can still face many technical issues and hindrances, and you need a secure and stable computer AMC provider to support you through the process. This is where you should opt for our services. We are one of the best Computer AMC service providers in NCR.  

Our services are curated and custom-made according to your needs. So you just need to sit back and relax once you’ve signed your AMC with Hash 1 IP. Just give us a call, and we will be there for all your IT and computer-related maintenance problems. We provide a comprehensive system for the maintenance of the technological apparatus of your company. It includes maintenance, repair, and advice on a replacement for all equipment, including printers, laptops, desktops, plotters, etc. In place of this, the customer signs a contract for payment of the stipulated amount annually. Contact us now for the best Computer AMC solution in Haryana. 

The Annual Maintenance Contract has two parties; in this case, you and us. We are the manufacturer providing the service for maintenance, repair, and guidance on other technical matters if need be. You are the customer we are targeting to please and convince on our enterprise’s brilliance, genuineness, and sincerity. At the purchase of our plan, you will get flexibility in terms of the time duration for which you want to engage with us for the contract. 

Opting for an AMC plan is a smart decision for the budgeting requirements of your company. It also provides you emergency support for any technical glitches that might occur in your computer systems.

Our team of experts is masters of taking the best out of your hardware components or limitations. We are well-versed with the Indian concept of ‘jugaad’ and would make sure that your experience with your computer is affordable and stress-free every day of the year. Contact us now to engage with us as we are the leading experts for Computer AMC services in Uttar Pradesh.